Solutions for Complex Shoulder Girdle and Rib Injuries

While shoulder girdle soft tissue injuries are relatively common, injuries to the bones that make up the shoulder girdle—such as distal clavicle fractures, midshaft clavicle injuries, medial clavicle injuries, scapula fractures, and proximal humerus fractures—are less frequent. Like injuries of the chest wall and sternum, they are often the result of direct trauma such as a motor vehicle accident.

Acumed has a complete selection of products to treat these fracture types, offering surgeons a range of options for restoring optimal function for their patients. And we’re proud to share evidence, education, and perspectives on treating these injuries from highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons.

Clavicle Plating System Overview Animation

The comprehensive Acumed Clavicle portfolio includes 57 total plate options to treat a variety of fractures and fracture-dislocations of the clavicle. In this animation, we will review these options.

Distal Clavicle Fractures, AC and CC Joint Repair

Accounting for 15% of all clavicle fractures1 Acumed offers plating options in a variety of lengths, contours, and screw diameters.

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Midshaft Clavicle Injuries

Because 80% of all clavicle fractures occur in the diaphyseal region1 Acumed offers dozens of precontoured plating options to accommodate varying fracture patterns and anatomies.
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Medial Clavicle Injuries

Accounting for only 5% of all clavicle fractures1 medial clavicle injuries are often associated with dislocations and/or sternoclavicular disruptions.
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Scapula Fractures

Scapular fractures are rare, but can be complex to treat. The Acumed Scapula Plating System includes precontoured plates intended to minimze the need for intraoperative plate bending to help save operating time and allow the surgeon to focus on restoring scapular anatomy.
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Proximal Humerus Fractures

These fractures are commonly seen as a result of a ground-level fall on an outstretched arm. The Acumed Polarus® 3 Solution is a comprehensive system designed to treat proximal humerus fractures with an array of plate and nail options.
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Chest Wall / Sternum Fracture Fixation

Rib and sternum fractures are common in cases of severe trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident. The Acute Innovations RibLoc U Plus Chest Wall Plating System is intended to stabilize and provide fixation for fractures, fusions, and osteotomies of the ribs, and for reconstructions of the chest wall and sternum.
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Acumed vs. the Competition

Acumed has the most complete selection of upper extremity fixation and specialty plates on the market.*

The outer rings in the charts represent Acumed’s product portfolios, while the inner rings represent our competitors’ offerings. Acumed has more shoulder and rib products than most of our competitors.






*Competitive data on file with Acumed. GEN00-30-B; 2020.

1. Data on file at Acumed