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InstaFix™ Shape Memory Fixation System

This body-temperature-activated system is indicated for arthodesis, osteotomies, and skeletal fixation procedures. The use of nitinol, a biocompatible shape memory alloy, allows dynamic compression of the InstaFix staple implant upon reaching body temperature

Low-profile design helps minimize tissue disruption

An S-back design provides continuous and active bicortical compression at the surgical site.

InstaFix is packaged sterile with fully disposable instrumentation, and includes sizes from 8x8 mm to 30x20 mm to accommodate a range of procedures

OsteoMed products

A Pair of Solutions for External Fixation


Acumed Small Bone External Fixator

Aids in reduction and compression to help realign fragmented bone. The modular design allows the light fixator frame to be built around the fracture.

Acumed Small Bone Distractor

Used for distraction lengthening of the metacarpals and phalanges as part of treatment for fractures, fusions, and osteotomies. Its adjustment wheel is designed to permit the desired amount of incremental distraction, up to 30 mm.

Case Study

A 34-year-old gunshot wound victim with a highly comminuted forearm fracture and an index finger injury was treated with the Acumed Small Bone Fixator and an anatomic forearm plate.

Orthobiologics / Bone Void Fillers


OsteoMed Magnesium Phosphate Bone Void Filler

  • Enhanced remodeling – 80% in 26 weeks
  • Moldable or Injectable, delivery and mixing options

Vivorté® Trabexus Osteoinductive Calcium Phosphate Bone Void Filler

  • Induces recruitment of bone forming cells to the implant site.**
  • Can be placed manually or extruded through the cannula provided.
  • Isothermically sets at 15 minutes.
Distrubuted by Acumed

Vivorté® Fortera Osteoconductive Calcium Phosphate Bone Void Filler

  • Injectable through a 16G cannula
  • Six minutes of handling time after mixing
  • Room temperature storage
  • Isothermically sets at 15 minutes
Distrubuted by Acumed

OsteoMed Amniotic Membrane

  • Used as a covering for reconstructive procedures
  • Offer protection from surrounding environment

Vivorté Trabexus Mixing Instructions

Trabexus or Trabecular Osteoinductive Biocement is a self-setting calcium phosphate matrix with engineered allograft bone particles for optimized compressive strength and resorptive characteristics. Mixing instructions for Trabexus are detailed in this video.  Acumed is the exclusive distributor for Trabexus. Click here for more information from the manufacturer.

Vivorté Fortera Mixing Instructions

Fortera or Fortifying Osteoconductive Biocement combines industry leading compressive strength with superior flow characteristics. Mixing instructions for Fortera are detailed in this video. Acumed is the exclusive distributor of Fortera. Click here for more information from the manufacturer.

GFS-00123-01 Data on file at Vivorté

*Competitive data on file with Acumed.

1. Ozyurekoglu T, Turker T. Results of a method of 4-corner arthrodesis using headless compression screws. J Hand Surg Am. 2012;37(3):486–492.

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