A Complete Range of Solutions for Hand Fractures

Hand Fracture Solutions That Have You Covered

From straightforward to specialized solutions, Acumed l OsteoMed offers a comprehensive portfolio of upper extremity fixation and specialty plates.

OsteoMed Hand Fusion System Surgical Technique Lab with Dr. William Geissler

Dr. William Geissler demonstrates both osteotomy cuts and the cup and cone method to create the desired fusion angle.

Perspectives on PIP & MCP Fusions with Dr William Geissler

Dr. William Geissler discusses the approach, joint surface preparation options, and advantages of the OsteoMed Hand Fusion System.

Surgical Approach to Rolando Fractures with Asif M Ilyas, MD

The Hand Fracture System is designed to surgically treat various metacarpal and phalangeal fractures, fusions, and osteotomies, and includes five solutions in one tray. The 1.3 mm Rolando Fracture Hook Plate is designed for a three-part fracture pattern at the base of the first metacarpal. In this video, Dr. Asif Ilyas demonstrates the use of the 1.3 mm Rolando Fracture Hook Plate to address such fractures.

Acutrak 3 Headless Compression Screw System Overview

Acutrak 3 is the latest innovation in our headless compression screw technology and is comprised of 93 unique screws that include the introduction of a new 2.0mm diameter Nano screw and extensions to the existing lengths of the Micro, Mini, and Standard screws, allowing expansion on the many indications historically treated with the Acutrak 2 system.

Hand Fracture System Overview

This animated overview of the Hand Fracture System illustrates how the system is designed to surgically treat various metacarpal and phalangeal fractures, fusions, and osteotomies.

OsteoMed Solutions


The OsteoMed Hand Plating System (HPS) features a full range of low-profile plates in four size modules: 1.2, 1.6, 2.0, and 2.4 mm. The HPS Plates accept up to four screw types: VA locking, non-locking, lag, and cannulated. Also featured are hand fusion plates in two different sizes. The HPS highlights include:

  • A full range with 68 plates with 4 screw diameters
  • Specialty implants for CMC, PIP, and MCP fusions
  • TaperLock Technology – Allows for a low-profile screw and plate construct
  • Plates with dual compression holes
  • Cannulated compression screws in 2.0, 2.4, and 3.0 mm diameters

Acumed Solutions


The Acumed® Hand Fracture System is designed to surgically treat metacarpal and phalangeal fractures, fusions, and osteotomies, and includes five solutions in one tray.

Hand Fracture System highlights include:

  • Precontoured standard and specialty plates
  • Acumed’s Hexalobe MultiScrew technology eliminates the need for traditional locking and nonlocking screws
  • Specialized instruments, including an osteotomy cutting guide, the SaveLoc compression sleeve, unique clamps and forceps, and a plate cutter
  • The Acumed Small Bone Fixator and Small Bone Distractor provide external fixation and bone lengthening options

An Industry First: Hand Fracture System

Launched in 2014, these are the first hand plates that accept multiple Hand Fracture System screw diameters in every hole of every plate in the system.

Indication OsteoMed Acumed
Avulsion Fracture 1.2 mm Screw Avulsion Hook Plate
Boxer’s Fracture Subcondylar Plate Metacarpal Neck Fracture Plate
Transverse Fracture Straight Plate, T Plate, L/R Plate Straight Plate, T Plate, Medial/Lateral Plate
Short Oblique Cannulated Lag Screws Headless Compression Screws
Comminuted/Long Oblique Z Plate, Offset Grid Plate Offset Plate
Fusion PIP/CMC Fusion Plate Acutrak 2® Headless Compression Screws
Malunion - Rotational Correction Plate
Rolando/Bennett - Rolando Fracture Hook Plate
Acumed Standard Plates Thickness Length
Compression Plate, 6-hole 0.8 mm 32.3 mm
Compression Plate, 6-hole 1.3 mm 38.3 mm
Straight Plate, 10-hole 0.8 mm 50.2 mm
Straight Plate, 10-hole 1.3 mm 60.2 mm
T-Plate 0.8 mm 50.0 mm
T-Plate 1.3 mm 59.9 mm
Offset Plate 0.8 mm 35.0 mm
Acumed Specialty Plates Thickness Length
Curved Medial/Lateral Plate 0.8 mm 35.8 mm
Avulsion Hook Plate 0.8 mm 10.0 mm
Metacarpal Neck Plate, Left & Right 1.3 mm 27.8 mm
Rolando Fracture Hook Plate 1.3 mm 34.6 mm
Rotational Correction Plate 1.3 mm 33.7 mm

Hand Fracture Solutions

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