Chest Wall

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BioBridge® Resorbable Chest Wall Stabilization Plate

Origin Story

BioBridge is a versatile, resorbable
solution for chest wall stabilization. It
was specifically designed to oer strength
that exceeds typical chest wall loading
and a resorption time that outlasts typical
bone healing time.1

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  • First to Market With a Bioabsorbable for Rib Fractures

    BioBridge is specifically designed to withstand the forces of the chest wall while providing semi-rigid fixation.

  • Customizable Solution

    BioBridge is flexible and can be stacked or trimmed. It is fully resorbed within 18–24 months through hydrolysis.1

  • A Versatile Solution for:

    Costochondral Junction Repair
    Pectus Repair
    Chest Wall Reconstruction
    Osteotomy Stabilization

1. Data on File at Acumed.

RibLoc® U Plus Chest Wall Plating System

Publication: Biomechanical Testing of a Novel, Minimally Invasive Rib Fracture Plating System

Why This Matters
This article provides evidence that the U-plate design of the RibLoc System is superior in durability to anterior plating. The Original RibLoc and RibLoc U Plus systems share similar design features that support placement and fixation on the rib. RibLoc U Plus incorporates anterior and posterior screw locking for additional fixation points and stability when compared to the original RibLoc design.*

Publication Excerpt
“Even though the U-plate is less than half the length of the standard anterior plate and is secured to the rib with 4 as opposed to 6 locking screws, it was more durable than anterior plate in a simulation of repetitive deep breathing. This finding is relevant because the loss of stiness correlates with motion at the screw and bone interface that could lead to screw pullout and fixation failure.”

Sales JR, Ellis TJ, Gillard J, Liu Q. Chen JC, Ham B, Mayberry JC. Biomechanical testing of a novel, minimally invasive rib fracture plating system. J Trauma. 2008; 64:1270-1274.
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  • First to Market With Plates Designed for the Rib

    The U-plate was designed to grasp over the bone superiorly, anteriorly, and posteriorly, allowing the screw to lock anteriorly and posteriorly, so that stability is retained through the plate rather than the bone itself.

  • Patented U-Plate Technology

    The plates were designed to sit on the superior aspect of the rib, avoiding the neurovascular bundle.
    Screws lock anteriorly and posteriorly into the plate, adding stability to the fracture site.

  • Most Comprehensive System

    The only rib plating system on the market that oƒers both U-plates and straight anterior plates in one system. Additionally, RibLoc U Plus oers the shortest plate on the market, the 50 mm U-plate.

1. Data on File at Acumed.