Customizable, Scalable, Flexible

We understand what matters to Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Acumed’s ASCent™ is a customizable program designed to provide Ambulatory Surgery Centers with clinical value while addressing financial needs.

Choice is at the heart of our program, featuring Acumed’s comprehensive portfolio of medical devices for simple to complex injuries in an outpatient setting. It is designed specifically to provide surgeons numerous options to meet in situ challenges for optimal patient outcomes.

Every ASC’s needs are unique. ASCent provides flexible pricing and billing structures to meet case and payor requirements, including fixed price models to meet evolving payment structures.

Customizable, Scalable, Flexible. We understand what matters to our ASC customers.

Acumed has the most complete selection of upper extremity fixation and specialty plates on the market.*

Flexible Set Configurations – For Simple to Complex Cases

Acumed's comprehensive systems offer maximum flexibility for complex cases, designed to provide surgeons numerous options to meet in situ challenges for optimal patient outcomes.

Our Essential and Core systems provide implants and instruments to cover the majority of cases with a reduced footprint and cost savings.

Our loaner bank maintains numerous sets that can be shipped within 24 hours' notice for operating room days working at maximum capacity.

The Intersection of Clinical and Financial Choice

We have a deep understanding of ASC needs, and payor structures that allow for mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Our models work when multiple payor formats exist in one facility.
  • Fixed pricing allows for pre-op margin analysis.
  • Alignment on high volume procedures, creating opportunity across entire portfolio.
  • Customized invoices based on facility need.
  • Address disposable concerns.
  • Tailored pricing models.

Reimbursement Challenge

Variable-price models limit the number and type of cases that can be performed profitably in the ASC.
Fixed-price models Pre-Op margin analysis, accurate out-of-pocket expenses, site of service migration, payor savings over time.

Organic Revenue Growth & Benefits

  • Increased case mix
  • More profitable cases
  • Surgeons have access to more procedures at preferred location
  • Transparency to total costs of less common procedures
  • Vendor consolidation potential
  • Simplified billing/invoices
  • Actively accelerates ASC revenue

ASCent vs. the Competition

ASCent balances the needs of patients, surgeons, ASC administrators, and payors.

Consistent, fixed-price models work for all, enabling margin analysis on both sides of reimbursement.

Competitors do not provide this benefit, making Acumed the preferred choice for ASCs.

Meet Our Highly Experienced and Dedicated ASC Team

Each ASC is unique, requiring a customized product portfolio, and flexible pricing and billing structures to meet case and payor needs.

Our team understands the right questions to ask in varying conditions to customize the ASCent program to benefit patients, surgeons, ASC administrators, and payors alike.

  • Site assessment
  • Review case needs & volume
  • Review invoicing & terms needs
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Meaningful presentations
  • When requested, customer analytics on payor mix and reimbursement parameters
  • Surgeon utilization forecasting

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* US Market; data on file with Acumed